Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Growing Up.

         There are a lot of themes and issues in the book Charlottes Web, by E.B. White, but the one my partner and I focussed on mostly is the theme:Growing Up. This theme plays an important role in this book, and the characters in it.

         When I went deeper and deeper into the theme growing up, I chose a more specific theory to work with. This theory is;As you grow, your interests change. This theory is great because it backs up the theme I chose really well.

        This theory is backed up with evidence on page 183 of Charlottes Web, where it clearly states that as Fern grows up, her interest for the barn and animals gets smaller. Another example of my theory is in the first few pages of the book, it states that Wilber is a little runt that deserves to die several times. Then in the end of the book, it clearly states that Wilber is a full grown pig, this shows that every living thing grows, and gets bigger in the end.

        Growing Up is also a major role of every body's life in the REAL world, not just in book like Charlottes Web. An example of this is when I was three, i was obsessed with little toy cars, and now, when im growing to be an adult, I realize that there are bigger and better things in life than toy cars. That shows that as i grew, my intrests changed, witch is exactly what my Growing Up theory  is.