Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Response to My Papas Waltz, by Theodore Roethke.

                 My papas Waltz is a great poem, and i think that Theodore Roethke did a good job writing and constructing it. I love the rhyming, and the rhythm. This poem inspired me a lot and will influence my poems a lot. The only aspect that I'm not too in to is the fact that we are talking about the back round story. In my opinion, a poem is a poem, its a freez in time, and describes a moment, or a made up senerio. When Theodore Roethke probably didn't think about a whole back round and life story of the characters in the poem, i think he just sat down and wanted to write a poem that rhymes and has a good rhythm.

Monday, January 17, 2011


                   "The Face" is a piece of art on my wall, by an artist named Rich Jacobs.  I love this painting.
First of all, their are only two colors, black and orange. this is great because they go well together, and make each other stand out, which is always a great factor to take into consideration while picking colors for a painting.
                   Another reason i love this artwork is because it has a great poem on the bottom of the canvas:
"maybe the word different just means something else now...(or are things really different?)" This is a great line/poem/quote because it leaves you thinking, and a bit confused.
                  A few other things I love about this painting is that it has "rj" written sloppy in a corner, which he does on every one of his paintings, and I like that because it shows thats an original piece, and its kind of like a tag, or trademark. Also, the paper/canvas it is on is a lightish brown color, that makes the painting look 100 times better than it would on plain white.

llaw ym no tra eht.

The art on my wall
stands taller than tall
but is really
quite small
that art
on my wall
it better not fall

A mix of colors

Hanging by rusty old nails

That art on my wall
is softer than
a cotton ball
and louder than
the city hall

i will never get rid

of that art on my wall.

short but sweet

                         When i was little
                                     i ran right through a window
                    i was just a kido
                                                 acting like a bimbo

Thursday, January 13, 2011


              ROSILIE TOLD ME
                    THAT POETRY
                               IS SOCIALLY
                                      AND TOTALLY


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


           Starry Night was and is a great poem. I think this for many reasons, first of all, I love art and poetry, and this is poetry about a great piece of art. I like how the author mixed factual evidence with inference about the painting. Like when she said 11 stars, that was factual evidence, but when she said this is how I want to die, that was an inference. In my opinion, while writing about a serious piece of art, its better to make it silly, and sort of turn the whole senerio around, but I also respect the fact that she wrote a great serious poem about the serious piece of art. I guess it works out either way.