Thursday, December 9, 2010

Author's Note...

            "They [litter experts] estimate that deliberate trash tossing has fallen about Two percent a year since the mid 70's in communities where it's been measured." Says Frank Greve in McClatchy Newspapers (1 of 5).
        It is a great thing that litter is decreasing, but two is a small number, especially out of 100. Also, this is only in "tested" areas, so that means that nyc might not be one of them.There is a new trashcan in the making called the "big belly" and it holds up to 4 times more than old nyc trash cans, and on top of that, doesnt lett food blow onto the street when it gets overflowed, said by Brooke Edwards from the nyc garbage project. Litter and trash tossing makes this world a dirtier place, and I want it to stop. Thats why I made this picture book.
        Since I was five years old, my mom would always get mad when she saw people litter on the street, and she always told me not to do that. In the end, it was a great thing that I learned not to litter at a young age, but not everybody does. My goal for this picture book is to teach kids not to litter at a young age, and hopefully their parents too.