Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reading response- final version.

Casey Gallagher
Reading response(literary essay)        

I am in the midst of reading “Percy Jackson and The Olympians” series written by Rick Riordan. In these books, Rick Riordan creates a half-god character named Percy Jackson who I can deeply relate to. Percy and I don’t only have similar characteristics, we also share the same age, which makes these books easier to read. I can relate to Percy Jackson for three main reasons. The first reason is the fact that our mothers are very alike. Another reason is that we have similar relationships with our friends. The third and last way I can relate to Percy Jackson is the fact that he has powers that I have always and will always envy.

         Percy Jackson’s Mom is very similar to my mother in this series. First of all, both of our moms are human, it doesn’t mean anything in reality, but in these books, not everyone is mortal (human). Another reason is that both of our moms push us to do better in life, when we aren’t strong enough to push ourselves. Both of our moms are divorced, but have found someone new, and that affects their lives as well as ours. The last reason is that they both love us more than anything, and would do anything to help us if we needed them.

         Another reason Percy and I can relate to each other is that we have similar relationships with our friends. Both of us don’t have many friends, but the friends we do have, we care about a lot, and vice versa. Also, if we were in trouble, our friends would go out of their way to help us, and so would we for them. The last reason our friends are similar is that we have friends older, younger, and the same age as us.

         The last reason Percy Jackson and I relate to each other is the fact that I have always envied the powers that he actually has. Percy Jackson has the ability to see the future or past or present in his dreams, he can breath under water, he can control what water does, he doesn’t get wet at all under water, and while he does all of these amazing things, he is just a thirteen year old middle-school student, like me. All of the special abilities I just named are things that I would die for, in other words, I envy them.

         In the series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”, Rick Riordan creates a half human- half god character named Percy Jackson that I can relate to in many different ways. Percy and I share relationships with our friends, and family. Percy Jackson is an 8th grader, like me, yet he has special abilities, because he is the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea.

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