Sunday, May 8, 2011

My skateboard timeline. (growing up assignment #1)

I have a timeline hanging on my wall. It's not just any ordinary timeline. This is a timeline made out of the pieces of wood that make my life what it is. I skateboard. You can call it a hobby, but it's more of a "way-of-life". Every few months I buy a new skateboard deck, which is the piece of wood sitting on the wheels. Every time I get a new one, I have the old board to hang on my bedroom wall. I hang these skateboard decks in chronological order, so over the past years it has started to look more and more like a timeline.

One may find it funny that these old dirty pieces of chipped up wood actually mean something to me; but they do! It's not that they just hang there on my wall, these boards give me the most amazing memories from the past five years of my life. Every scratch on every board represents a different day, wether it was good, bad, or great. These boards give me hope- they show me that I can go from not knowing how to do something to being an expert at it. They show me that I don't give up. 

This timeline is perfect for this because it represents my growing up, from childhood to nearing adulthood. The two artifacts are the first board, and the most recent. They show me that I have been a child, and stuck with skateboarding until the end of middle school. And I will stick with it for years to come.

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