Monday, May 23, 2011

Prompt number 14

Prompt #14: what are some questions and concerns you have about growing up and coming of age? 

As I have grown up, especially in my middle school years, a lot of questions and concerns came up in my life. Some about physical appearance, and some about the future of my life.

Physical appearance is a very important and popular aspect and or concern of everybody's life, but when one is growing up, it becomes even bigger. Some constant questions I have about this topic are; when am I going to hit my growth spurt? When are all these pimples going to go away? When will my voice get deeper. There is no accurate answer to all of these questions. The thing all of us kids have to realize is  that time will tell. We just have to wait and see.

The other questions that a lot of middle schoolers have(including me) are internal questions, such as; when am I going to get a girl/boy friend? Is high school going to be great? Or suck? Are my parents going to give me more freedom? Or less? All of these questions have one simple solution: YOU. All of the answers to all of these                     Questions depend on how you act, and how you treat others in the future.

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